These sessions are dedicated to 1 to 1 teaching and learning, with a specific focus and targeted learning based directly on student need.

About Our Tutoring Services:

We stand apart! The Tutor Royal team is made up of and headed by a Director of Education who has been a teacher, a school administrator, and is licensed and certified to teach and lead, by the State of New York. A career in education culminates in taking on the role to ensure every client that walks through our doors is not just tutored, but educated.

Tutor Royal is more than just a tutoring service. We are educators, we are experts in our field and yes some of us are also parents. Our philosophy is simple. We believe in looking at each of our clients as a unique learner, similarly to how a doctor looks at a patient. We do not believe learning is one size fits all, learning is a process that is unique to an individual.

Our trained instructors conduct an academic assessment, evaluate the goals and put an academic plan in place for your child. At Tutor Royal we understand learning is a marathon, not a sprint! We also know that a disruption in a student’s learning may have happened at any point along the way, not in the class they are currently struggling in. As educators we understand that in order to help, we must meet every learner where they are in order to take them to where they need and want to be.

We provide academic support services in all content areas. However, our primary focus ranges from the areas of reading and writing to science and complex math, test preparation and STEM. We work with all students from 5th grade to their first year college.

Our instructional support services take the form of:

One to One Private Tutoring Services where a student and instructor are matched to best meet the student’s academic needs and learning style. Nothing is better than one to one attention for the best results. It allows us to create an individualized plan for success and to work with your child's teachers, focusing on what you are leaning in your classroom to ensure it. Contact us today to schedule your first session! 1-2 hour sessions recommended.

Group Tutoring options allow for students, friends and classmates to prepare together for that upcoming exam, develop or work on that large project or simply find support in a study group. Assistance can be found in groups – contacts us to schedule your group tutoring session today! 1-3 hour sessions recommended.

Online Tutoring if you can’t get to us, we can come to you. It’s that simply. With a download of an app we can meet you in your living room. So instead of cramming before an exam or barely passing a test, get the help of our expert instructors ….anywhere you are! 1-2 hour sessions recommended. Sign Up for our online tutoring services and get access to live instructors, videos and webinar reviews for all content areas.

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Professional Courses and Professional Certificates

Looking for entry directly into the business world? Go prepared. Our professional courses help young adults looking to enter the workforce and begin their careers as soon as possible. We specialize in Allied Health Professions and Business Certification programs as well as programs in STEM industry professions and careers. Working in tandem with our partners we can help students secure professional certifications that will make them stand out from the rest and employment ready!

Online Learning

Home bound instruction, credit recovery, ESL, bilingual instruction, test prep, and homework help. Through technology, we are helping students succeed and reach their academic potential. The experience they receive from our services allows them to become college and career ready!