These services are dedicated to teaching and learning and are strictly based on student need. We service all grades and subjects. Our services are online, so we can meet you in your home with one simple click. Instead of falling behind, cramming before an exam, barely passing a test, or failing a course, get the help of our expert instructors ….anywhere you are.

One To One Instructional Support

One to One Instructional Support where a student and instructor are matched to best meet the student’s academic needs and learning style. This allows us to create an individualized learning plan (ILP) for student success by working with your child and focusing on what the student is learning in the classroom. Get your child the individualized help they need.

Purchase your first 2 hours with us and we will reach out to schedule your FREE online Academic Evaluation.

Small Group Instructional Support

Small Group Instructional Support options allow for students, friends and classmates to create online learning pods and prepare together for that upcoming exam, work on that large project or simply find support in a subject area they are struggling in. This option allows a cost effective way for parents to get their child the support they need.

Purchase your first 5 hours with us and we will reach out to schedule your FREE online Academic Evaluation.

Homework Help

Homework Help is a popular program because every parent needs help! Do you want to help your child but he or she resists when you try? Have you forgotten how to do some of the math, grammar, writing or science that your child has been assigned for homework tonight? Is homework time painful for your family? We are here to help. This service is an open session where students, grades 3 to 5, can work in a supportive environment to complete their daily homework. An instructor will be present in the virtual classroom and provide support as students need help to complete their assignments.

Are you interested in Online Learning?

At Tutor Royal, we can provide support for children of all ages. From that first spelling test to those tricky college level exams, we will be there for every step of your child’s educational journey!

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