At Tutor Royal we aspire to treat students as individuals, and work hard to tailor our tutoring programs to fit their unique needs and academic goals! The best part? Our tutoring centers use proven instructional tools and platforms to accelerate academic results, so you can trust us to help your child succeed.

We service elementary to college level students at all locations in

  • Private one to one tutoring

  • Homework help, test prep, and college and career readiness programs

  • Through our partnerships we can provide access to many different forms of educational support and pathways to success.

  • Our state of the art technology allows us to utilize online teaching and learning and web-based instructional platforms.

  • We give your child a leg up on their educational journey.

  • Our Instructors are background checked and certified

  • We use your child’s school curriculum which translates into relevant support and increased grades

  • Our instructors are educators and industry experts

  • We offer blended learning opportunities utilizing on site and online platforms for learning

  • Our in home tutoring services support busy family schedules

  • We are affordable and are always willing to respect families who have a budget

Our Mision

Tutor Royal provides academic support and learning strategies through services, resources, and collaborations with instructors that allow students to achieve their academic goals. We aspire to contribute to your child’s educational goals as the learning organization of choice for students and the community by providing personalized academic instruction in a welcoming, helpful environment with trained, respectful staff!

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